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InterOPTICS has experience in the field of subscription and information management, covering the needs of end users, libraries and information centers. We specialize in serving organizations in all sectors in terms of managing printed and electronic subscriptions, thus simplifying the process from purchase to access and management of content. Following the technological developments of recent years, our company has adapted and customized its services, providing its customers with the guarantee that it is the most effective solution in managing the relationship between buyers and content creators, whether in print or online. form.

InterOPTICS offers high quality subscription management services, providing content from publishers around the world. The subscriptions that our company currently manages include:

Printed magazines, individual issues and old issues.
Electronic magazines, (electronic magazines free with print, printed + electronic magazines or electronic magazines only)
Magazines, newspapers and any other periodical
Yearbooks, catalogs and book series
Conference proceedings and reports
Proof of the high quality of our services is the ISO 9001: 2015 certification for "Management of subscriptions to educational and research journals in printed and electronic form". Level 9001 reflects the standards of maximum quality management and covers all basic business processes. This certification also makes clear our ability to provide customers and publishers with the fast, reliable and efficient services they expect from us.

Why choose InterOPTICS to manage your syndromes?

At InterOPTICS we understand that managing a large volume of subscriptions is a very complex and time consuming process. Communication with each publisher is required separately, for issues of searching for titles, orders, pricing, renewals, obtaining online access, etc.

InterOPTICS can make the process easier, leaving more time for your library staff to serve users.

Using our many years of experience as well as our collaboration with many publishers around the world, we undertake all the processes of managing the subscriptions of your library. So you have a reliable and trustworthy partner, who has the ability to help you in any issue that arises.