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A Discovery Service is an online tool that allows library systems to search a wide range of content, including resources in print and online. They are widely used by libraries around the world to help users search for accurate and efficient content.

One of the main uses of discovery services is to search and link to full text online.

What is Link Resolver?

Connection solvers work in conjunction with discovery services. They facilitate content discovery and full text linking, acting as a bridge between different databases. When a library is subscribed to multiple databases and full-text resources, it can prove difficult to operate if an article referring to one database is available elsewhere. Connection solvers help with this by allowing users to move effortlessly between one reference to one database and full text to another.

Discovery tools can be used to expose all the content elements of a library, if they choose. These may include online directories, files, repositories, and other content.

How Do Discovery Services Work?

You used to search databases (or full text) and then follow links to full text. But because it was impossible to find everything by accessing one vendor, you could either visit each one individually or use federated search to search for vendor product groups in a single step (and then link).

Discovery is different because it contains an index that represents the full searchable text content and also offers a link to open the full text content.

Advantages of Discovery Services

  • Discovery tools provide access to a large amount of material, of many different types.
  • Detection tools are fast as the search is done in local or aggregate directories (although these are large).
  • They focus mainly on electronic full text.
  • They are easy to use.

Disadvantages of discovery services

  • A large number of many different types of results that need to be limited by the use of limits
  • They do not use the functions of a single database or platform.

Summon Discovery Service


An integrated data approach, utilizing a single index and a knowledge base


The API or off-device interface facilitates universal search, resource exploration, and access to content


The ranking algorithm presents balanced search results between content types, regardless of the provider


IEDL (Index-Enhanced Direct Linking) provides almost 100% connection success to more than 500+ million items


Customization options increase user usability and extend library services

Easy to manage

With management tools that facilitate system maintenance, optimization and usage analysis

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