1 Ellis Str. - Dafni, Athens PO 17235
Monday - Friday: 9:00 - 17:00


RadiAnt Dicom Viewer is a user-friendly app used to display and process DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communicatins in Medicine) archives.

The tool enables user to display medical images on their screen very fast, providing various operations such as parallel image projection, negative mode, brightness adjustment, rotation, cross-reference lines that allow user compare images, measurements and drawing on the image, 3D volume rendering...

In addition, the app offers the capability to open and display studies obtained from different imaging modalities, such as folders, external storage devices, servers, etc., but also export in different file formats (e.g. JPEG). It is worth mentioning that the application is available in 20 languages, including Greek.

What makes RadiAnt stand out is the simplicity and ease it offers during the interface with the user.

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