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Reasonable Graph

INTEROPTICS in exclusive cooperation with altsol:

It is active in the field of digitization and promotion of cultural and other archival content, addressed to Museums, Libraries, public and private organizations that wish to save and promote their collections and archives. In this context, we create digital repositories on the ReasonableGraph platform. (https://reasonablegraph.org/). On the platform we can create online web digital collections with any type of material (photos, documents, books, videos, etc.). An important innovation is that it can and does adapt data entry forms as well as search and display screens to exactly the type of item we want to manage. In this way it fully meets the different needs that a book, a photo, may have compared to a letter, a book, a blackboard, a newspaper, etc.

What is ReasonableGraph

  • General open-source web platform for managing digital and physical collections
  • Native collection management platform as a semantic ensemble: FRBR-FRAD-FRSAD / FRBR LRM, BIBFRAME, FRBR-oo, ​​Music Ontology, custom ontologies, etc.
  •  Collection management platform directly as a semantic and interconnected open data set

ReasonableGraph gives you a solution in a single environment for:

  •  Library catalog management

  • Warehouse management

  • Creating a collective directory

  • Consolidation of bibliographic catalog and archival material, gray bibliography, etc.

  • Simultaneous operation in MARC and FRBR / BIBFRAME Management of information and evidence collected in humanities research projects

  • Crowdsourcing 

Who are we addressing?

  • Libraries (academic, municipal, public or other)

  • Institutions that have archival, music, museum or other types of collections and items (eg newspapers, documents, musical works, digital items, images, magazines, books, publications, gray bibliography, etc.)

  • Institutions conducting studies and research in the field of humanities

  • Bodies wishing to implement a collaborative collective list

  • Bodies that want to harness the power of the community in enriching their collection (crowdsourcing)

Indicative facilities: