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Writefull is used by researchers and students in many universities worldwide, and by academic publishers in order to ensure the quality of published texts. It has been developed by a team of PhDs in AI and Linguistics and it is addressed to researchers and students. Using advanced AI algorithms that are tailored to academic writing, Writefull has been demonstrated to surpass other language checks in the quality and performance of its language feedback.

Academic writing is hard and Writefull is a valuable tool for mastering it, since it makes it easier for researchers to write and edit their texts. Writefull gives feedback in grammar, spelling, vocabulary, punctuation, word order, structure, clarity, fluency and more. It is available in MS Word and in Overleaf, a LaTeX editor.
In addition to the add-ins, browser-based Writefull Revise fixes errors and offers a full-text revision in Track Changes, saving time and enhancing productivity. Writefull Cite shows users if a sentence lacks supporting references, reducing the risk of accidental plagiarism.

Beyond the language feedback, Writefull offers a collection of widgets that help with the writing process and save time for the writer: providing a collection of example sentences for each section of a paper, generating an abstract and a title for a text, and instantly rewriting sentences.

Finally, Writefull is entirely secure, since servers do not store uploaded documents.

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