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Digital Repositories & Archival Collections

ReasonableGraph platform is an open-source application suitable for repository implementation.

Libraries, museums, archival and cultural organizations can showcase their cultural stock by digitally presenting all kinds of items they hold, such as books, documents, photos, videos, audio documents.

The content and its related ontologies are interconnected in an innovative way, creating an ecosystem that enables the user to understand the complex relationships of the knowledge stored by the organization.

For example, the application allows linking from a personality’s name to photographs, documents, publications, events he has participated in, in a visual result that resembles the Wikipedia format.

In this context, historical and cultural digital archives can be created for universities, museums, municipalities, historical archives of personalities, companies, etc.

We undertake projects starting with the initial digitization stage, the documentation to the final ingestion of the archival collections in ReasonableGraph.

For this purpose, we work with conservators, archivists and librarians specializing in respective projects.

Sample implementations