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Creation Of Scientific Journals

Modern electronic magazines today are based on integrated systems for managing and publishing their content. One such system, the O.J.S (Open Journal System), has InterOPTICS. This system is widely used by many universities and libraries abroad and in Greece. The purpose of the system is to assist the publisher in all stages of the process of publishing a journal, from the submission of the work to its publication on the website. The O.J.S implements a proper database for registering jobs for further retrieval.

OJS has the following features:

  • Publishers have the ability to specify the specifications, areas and review process of the journal.
  • Approval and management of all content is done online (On-line)
  • Subscriptions go through a controlled access system, sending an e-mail to the publisher to accept the subscription.
  • The works are registered according to the standards that are observed worldwide by the largest medical journals in the world.
  • Reading Tools are used based on the specifications given by the publisher of the magazine and can be changed at any time.
  • It is possible to inform readers by sending e-mails when new material is published.
  • There is full online support for the content of the magazine

Our company has undertaken the publication and support of the following scientific journals