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E-Journal Development

Nowadays, electronic journals depend on integrated systems for managing and publishing their content.

OJS is an open-source application widely used by many universities and libraries worldwide and also in Greece and Cyprys.

OJS supports all stages of the process of the electronic journal publishing process: from the submission of the paper to the paper’s publication on the journal’s website.

OJS provides the capability of developing a searchable published article database.

OJS has the following features:

  • Publishers have the ability to set the journal specifications, sections and review process.
  • All approvals and content management are done online.
  • Submissions go through a graded controlled access system.
  • Articles submitted for publication are examined using specifications set by the largest international scientific journals.
  • Includes Reading Tools based on the specifications set by the journal publisher.
  • Incorporates email alert facility for the journal’s users.
  • Full online support for the journal content.
  • Creates a searchable published article database.

Using OJS, INTEROPTICS has e-published the following Greek scientific journals: