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GUnet "HELLENIC ACADEMIC INTERNET" develops the Open eClass platform, which is a complete e-Learning Management System offered to the academic and educational community to provide Asynchronous Distance Learning Services.

INTEROPTICS is now a certified Open eClass partner promoted by GUnet and concerns the cooperation of GUnet with technology and education companies, with specialized knowledge of Open eClass software, in order for them to be able to provide integrated services, such as hosting, installation platform, consulting services, support, training, adaptation or integration with other systems and more generally the provision of electronic services for the development of courses and topics, based on the Open eClass platform.

INTEROPTICS as a Certified Partner is a company that is active in new technologies and their use in the educational process, has the appropriate and specialized human resources, know-how, infrastructure and experience to meet the complex educational requirements of the IT and Communications industry. of the academic and educational community. Updated on technical issues through the Open eClass support channel. Has privileged access to the Open eClass technical team for requests and support.