1 Ellis Str. - Dafni, Athens PO 17235
Monday - Friday: 9:00 - 17:00

Integrated Library Systems

As part of the partnership between InterOPTICS and AltSol, we focus on providing solutions based on open standards and open source software.

Such are ILS KOHA and the ReasonableGraph (RG) platform.

Services we offer:

  • installation and configuration of ReasonableGraph.org platform
  • implementation of any kind of repository, consolidation of bibliographic and archival catalog
  • installation and configuration of ILS KOHA
  • installation and configuration of atom platform
  • installation and configuration of dspace platform
  • installation and configuration of an open eClass e-learning platform
  • data transfer services from old ILS (abekt, ​​advance, horizon, etc.) to KOHA
  • old repository data transfer services (dpsace, atom, etc.) at ReasonableGraph.org
  • annual support services in the applications we install
  • application hosting services (repositories, ILS, eclass)
  • development services for specialized software and services
  • retrospective cataloging services
  • education services in library and archival standards (MARC, FRBR / BIBFRAME, RDA, etc.)
  • hosting applications

 RG facilities

KOHA facilities



Atom facilities

Koventari Municipal Library of Kozani (under construction)