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Εlectronic Journal Subscriptions

Why you should choose INTEROPTICS to manage your online journal subscriptions

Our electronic subscription management service facilitates the purchase and management of electronic journal subscriptions. The main advantages of the service are the reduction of procedural issues and the quick access activation. Publishers have varying policies and procedures, and in some cases signature of a license agreement is required. Publishers also use a variety of registration methods, access enablement and pricing policies.

Our electronic subscription management service includes:

  • Information on the availability of the electronic version of your print subscriptions (free with print subscription or not).
  • Orders, renewals and cancellations of electronic subscriptions as well as an online activation request for subscriptions where the electronic version is available free of charge with the print.
  • Resolving access problems regardless of the cause (technical reasons, publisher change, etc.)
  • Advisement regarding publisher policy changes.
  • Updating publishers of customer contact details and/or IP range changes.