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BROWZINE/LIBKEY: Browzine / Libkey is a scientific journal browsing platform used by students and researchers as a state-of-the-art tool for discovering the academic resources of an academic library, while it can store your journal preferences, send out notifications when news is published in them and of course to link to the full text wherever it may be located.

Available as an app (IOS, Android) and on the Internet, Browzine / Libkey can act as a standalone tool, replacing the current A - Z directory of the library * or as a magazine search service **. Additionally through the APIs, Browzine / Libkey integrates with the library resource discovery service  (SummonPrimoEDS or custom built solution), the interface broker or the current list A - Z.

It includes in more detail:

  • BrowZine - Submit your scientific journals through an impressive browsing platform
  • LibKey Discovery - Enriches the Discovery Service that you can get online with PDFs, Article in Context links and magazine covers
  • LibKey Link - Provides one-click access to millions of PDF and HTML articles from any database to which your "link resolver" is linked
  • LibKey Nomad - Connects your users who visit any journal sites, Wikipedia, ResearchGate, PubMed, DOAJ and other platforms, with content available from your library. It also integrates with the Web of Science, Scopus and PubMed
  • LibKey.io - A landing page where researchers can link to millions of subscription and open access articles using DOI or PMID